Electrical Services

Scurfield Electric, Heating and Solar is Humboldt's most trusted electrician with 20 over  years' experience servicing and installing home electrical systems

We use reliable, well trained electrician's to make sure the right job is done every time. 

EV Chargers

We install most type level 2 home EV chargers including Tesla, Wall Box, Clipper Creek and Charge Point. Give us a call for a free evaluation and quote. We are able to upgrade the main electrical panel if needed to accommodate the new EV charger.

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Don’t get caught in the dark. We offer  pad mounted generators by Kohler and Briggs & Stratton that utilize an automatic transfer switch to facilitate a seamless transfer from PG&E to generator power. We don’t sub out any of the work required and have a plumbing license to handle the natural gas or propane part of the installation.

For systems that also utilize batteries we are able to seamlessly integrate the generator into the back up battery system.

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Surge Protectors

As the grid becomes more unstable and more appliances contain sensitive electronics the need for surge protectors becomes critical.  Scurfield offers whole home surge protectors and well as those specific to  tankless water heaters, furnaces and heat pumps.

Main Panel and Sub Panel Upgrades

Many homes in Humboldt county have old outdated or unsafe electrical panels.   At Scurfield we are able to do a full panel assessment and make recommendations on new equipment to meet the needs of future electrical infrastructure. Because we specialize in whole home electricafaction we can design the right system to meet your needs, budget and plans for future upgrades.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are a way of life in Humboldt county and we are able to safely and efficiently wire your hot tub to your main or sub panel. We can evaluate your electrical infrastructure and make recommendations when an upgrade is necessary to accommodate the hot tub.

Lighting, GFI’s , and New Circuits

Whether it’s new lighting, receptacles or new appliance circuits such as stoves, water heaters and heat pumps we have the expertise to  get that new circuit run safely and to code.

Electrical FAQs