Heat Pumps

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High Efficiency Heating

An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is a device that uses a vapor compression cycle to absorb heat from one section and inject it into another area to cool or heat your home. Humboldt County’s mild climate makes heating pumps, which are about 300% efficient, ideal for extracting heat below 0 degrees Fahrenheit without using backup electric heaters. We’re able to take two kilowatts of FREE heat from the atmosphere and combine it with one kilowatt of electricity to produce three kilowatts of heat for your home. 

Benefits of a Heat Pump

  • We custom design every system and perform a complete heat load and duct/radiant design. Your comfort is our goal!!
  • A heat pump is about 300% efficient.

Types of Heat Pump Installations We Offer

Air-to-water heat pumps

This heat pump technology takes heat from the atmosphere and transfers it (via a heat exchanger) to water. The hot water can be used in radiant floors to heat fan coils in every room and European style radiators. For maximum efficiency, we keep the supply water temperature to the heat emitter low because air to water heat pumps operate most efficiently at  100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Air-to-air heat pumps

This technology takes heat from the atmosphere and transfers it to an air handling device. This can be ducted or unducted with mini-split (no ducts, one room), multi-split (no ducts, multiple rooms), or ducted (air handler in garage or attic).

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pump diagram

Air source heat pump

Heat pump diagram

Vapor compression cycle

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