Preventive Maintenance

We Provide Preventative Maintenance on All Systems We Install

  • We utilize detailed checklists to ensure your system is at peak performance.
  • We offer solar panel cleaning as well as checking of mechanical and electrical systems related to your solar system. We can remove or replace solar panels for re-roofing and will work closely with your roofing contractor to make sure your roof warranties are maintained and leak-free.
  • We offer battery system checks to ensure the tightness of all connections, perform an off-grid test and check system operation.
  • We offer preventative maintenance on our heating systems.
  • For our heat pump systems, our services include cleaning the coils, checking the electrical connections, cleaning filters and looking for clues to any refrigerant leaks.
  • For our radiant and forced air heat systems, we’ll check and test for proper operation. For gas appliances, we check for gas leaks and proper combustion.
  • For our duct cleaning service, we utilize professional equipment made by Rotobrush that utilizes brushes and a powerful hepa vacuum. We’ll then sanitize the duct work to ensure you’re breathing the healthiest air possible.
  • For our water heating heating systems, we flush the sediment from the system, check for water leaks and make sure everything is running smoothly and leak free.
  • For our generator systems, we can check electrical connections, change oil and filters and check generator operation.
Solar Panel cleaning

Our Commitment Will Help You Maintain Your Investment

We’re here to maintain your system for the life of the equipment. When you chose Scurfield Solar & Heating you’re not just hiring an installer, you’re partnering with a company whose goal is to ensure your system is running at its peak performance.

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